Why we are your right choice.

Before you decide if we are right for you, let us tell you a little about us and how we stand above the others.

more than half of our new business
comes from current client referrals.

Surprised? Let us explain why.

If you've read our home page, you probably realize that we have some of the highest advance rates in the industry, no factoring minimums and our fees are totally transparent and up front. But we go further.

We have your best interests in mind.

Other factoring companies just want your money and can't, or won't, warn you about problems ahead. For example, some factoring companies will continue to purchase your invoices because they don't have the ability to see trouble ahead or they just don't care. You will end up buying back invoices from customers who should have been avoided in the first place.

We refuse to operate like that. If we let you down, that hurts us, too. Our purpose is to build a strong relationship with you and protect you and your business against risky customers, keeping your business profitable.

we help protect you from taking losses.

We have advanced, leading edge technology, and we can spot early payment trends to help protect you from taking losses on customers who may be heading into bankruptcy. Most other factoring companies don't even come close to our level of expertise.

Here are some of the key team members who will be looking out for your best interests. They'll work with you to develop a long-lasting relationship and help keep your company profitable and growing.